Friday, 16 September 2011

Preserved Orange peel

Oranges just looking at them makes me smile they represent such homely and fresh feel in the kitchen reminds me of those Enid bylton  books I used to read as a child and would see pictures of grandmothers  preserving fruits in a background full of bottles of jams and jellies . I recently made this preserved orange peels  and I was really so happy with the results not only are they so easy to make ,they also are a great way to get that lovely citrusy feel  to your baked goods and when I put those preserved  peel in those pretty  airtight jars they make a such lovely display pieces  and to think of it they are eco friendly as well cause you can reuse the peels which you would have easily gone in the bin.
I know now your next thought would be when you can easily buy orange essence or candied orange peel from the market why take the trouble but somehow orange essence I always found was very synthetic and candied peel  which you buy easy made has the flavour but it’s so bitter plus  they look to so icky

I have taken malta oranges because the peel is quiet thick and easy to use  plus they also retain their shape when they are blanched you can use any type of thick skinned oranges. Peel oranges and remove any pith or lacy threads you see attached to it.

Now  blanch these orange peels in hot water (Blaching means plunge those peels in boiling water for a minute and then putting them in cold water ) This process you need to do it atleast thrice this process ensure all the bitter ness in the peel is washed away.

Lastly make sugar syrup the way you do it for a gulab jamun and  cook the peels in the sugar syrup for 5 mins.Let it cool down and  bottle these in those pretty airthight glass jars.

I like putting some cinnamon sticks and star aniseed they not only add the spicy flavour to the peels they enhance the beauty of the bottle as well.

These peels can also be candied just roll them in candied sugar and kept in  air tight containers.

 They can be coated with chocolate and make great candies for children and adults alike