Friday, 7 October 2011

Apple/Pear Jam

Apple & Pear Jam

Chocolates and dry fruits are the standard gifts which any one and every one thinks of but gifting homemade  jams would be such a unique and refreshing idea and jam is something which you generally find at the breakfast table of most homes and I am sure your gift will be well cherished one.  After a visit at the local farmers market I decided to make apple and pear jam as these fruits are very much in season therefore they wouldn’t be to heavy on the pockets at the same time the produce would also be of the best quality.


Apples ½ kg
Pears 1/2kg
Water 2 cups
Sugar 750gms
Cinnamon 1 stick
Star aniseed 2No
Vanilla pod 1 no (Optional) 
Juice &zest of 2 lemons


Peel the fruits.


With the tip of the peeler now core the fruits
and remove the seeds.

Now chop the fruits and remove the vanilla seeds from the pod if you don't have a vanilla pod you may alternatively use vanilla essence.

Put the fruits in a heavy bottomed sauce pan add two cups of water, vanilla seeds the spices cinnamon and star aniseed.

Now cook the mixture i generally keep a butterpaper on top to stop the water from evaporating. Cook this mixture till the fruits are cooked and have become soft


Purée the mixture now add the sugar and cook over a low flame till the mixture starts setting .This will take around half n hour.

Meanwhile keeps the bottles ready for bottling the jams i have reused old bottles. First you need to sterilised the jars in hot steam for 10 mins and then wiped clean.

Pour the jam in these sterilised jars and seal them you can cover this will brown paper or a checked cloth and tie it with choir rope to give the country feel to it label them and they are ready for gifting.