Triple chocolate chip cookies

I have named them triple Chocolate chip cookies because of its sheer chocolaty indulgence in this recipe, I have added Rich cocoa, Melted Chocolate and lastly Chocolate Chips. Making this cookies is so simple, its  a child's play in literal sense .  I  have been making these cookies for years now and  I can proudly say that it has never failed to impress.  Many variations of these cookies can be made using nuts, dried cranberries, candied ginger, orange etc  I have iced and topped these but they taste heavenly even with just the good old chocolate chips.  The best thing about this cookie is the dough freezes very well, Therefore you can have this warm gooey cookies by just popping the frozen dough in the oven for 10 mins. 

125 Gms Butter (Un salted)
75gms Brown sugar
1   tsp Vanilla Extract
125 gms melted  dark chocolate
40 gms Cocoa Powder
150 gms Ref Flour
1 Egg
1 Tsp Soda bi Carb
1/4 Tsp Salt
50 gms walnuts/candied ginger/candied orange rind/cranberries.
100gms Chocolate chips.
In a bowl cream together butter and sugar 
Sieve together flour, cocoa powder, soda bi carb and salt
Add Melted chocolate.
Again start creaming the butter, sugar and chocolate mixture. 

Next add the sieved flour and cocoa. 

Add the walnuts and chocolate chips

 Form everything into a dough

Divide the dough in to 20 roundels  weighing  around 20 gms each and place it on a cookie tray lined with parchment paper. you can add extra choco chips and nuts if you like.  At this stage if you wish you may freeze the cookie dough.

Bake it in a preheated oven 160 degrees centigrade  for 10-12 mins .

Let the cookies cool in the baking tray itself.

 Enjoy this Warm cookies with a chilled glass of milk

Sweet and Salty Chocolate fudge

I remember back during my childhood days , a week before Diwali all my neighborhood aunts used to get together and make the traditional Diwali sweets like Karanjees, Rawa ladoos etc this ritual was a great way of making sweets and enjoying making it at the same time, but now with the  passing time ,most of women are working and finding time to make all this sweets is nearly impossible plus making them can really be a cumbersome job.  The current trend is to buy readymade sweets and distribute it. This alternative is much more convenient but I think to feel the festive spirit at least one sweet can be made at home. And I promise you my recipe  of Sweet and salty chocolate fudge will not take more than ten minutes of your time and when  packed in pretty packages makes a great gift plus this is also a great way to use up all the dry fruits boxes we receive during Diwali. This fudge is so easy to make even children can make it.
350 gms of Dark Chocolate (If you don’t get the chocolate slab even Bourneville bars will do)
I Tin of Condensed milk (I have used Milk Maid)

200 gms of mixed roasted and salted nuts (I have used Pista, Cashews, and Almonds but you can use whatever is available even salted Peanuts are very good alternative) 


Roughly chop the nuts and chocolate

Melt Chocolate on a double boiler

When the chocolate is melted add the condensed milk to the chocolate

Next add the chopped nuts and mix well

Now take a cake tin or ring and line it with cling film.

Now pour the chocolate mixture in that tin.

Level the tin with the backof spoon or a spatula.

Refrigerate it for 5 mins.

Remove and de mould the fudge now with hot knife cut in to squares

You can get around 12big pieces with this recipe.  I have used a plain cello pane paper to cover and tied a ribbon around it to give it a festive look. 

Hope you all have a Happy ,Prosperous and Safe Diwali .


Chocolate and Mint Brownies

Now that I have started blogging about chocolate recipes just can’t seem to stop my self, this week I came across this box of After eight chocolates this being one of my favourite flavour thought of combining this luscious, gooey, chocolaty brownie recipe.  Brownies are popular across the world not only are they yummy but absolutely easy to make. 


300 gms Chocolate ( I like using the Cadbury Bournville)
105gms Flour
20gms cocoa pdr
1/2Tsp Baking Powder
1/4tsp baking soda
2gms salt
175 gmsSugar
3 Eggs
1tsp vanilla
100 gms walnut
6 pieces of After eight chocolate

Melt  chocolate and butter together in a sauce pan over low heat

Sieve Flour, Cocoa powder and Baking powder together in a bowl

Stir in powder sugar and mix it together

Slowly add the melted butter and chocolate mixture.

Mix properly.

Now Start adding one egg at a time & mix. 

Add the nuts and mix.

Take a 8 inch tray and line it with butter paper. Pour the brownie batter in the tray


Now place the after eight mints over the batter.


Bake in a preheated oven for 15-20  mins at 160 degrees centigrade.  Remove let it cool completely and cut it in to squares.

Brownies taste the yummiest if eaten hot with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Fantasy

Chocolate Fantasy was the only name I could think of for this yummy ,gooey concoction, for  this cake  is a chocoholic’s ultimate dream come true, each bite it  reminds you as to why chocolate is considered such an aphrodisiac and sinful dessert   I have tried million different recipes of making a chocolate cake, this recipe in my opinion rates the best for the ultimate chocolate experience and the extreme ease of making it generates an extra brownie points.  


Cake Base                                          
Cocoa Powder 45 gms
Oil 60 ml
Flour 110 gms

Butter milk 115 ml

Water 115 ml
Egg 2no
Baking powder 3.5gms
Baking Soda3.5 gms
Powder Sugar 200gms
Salt 3 gms


200 gms Dark Chocolate
150 ml Fresh Cream

50 gms butter


Chocolate eggs (Cadburys have come out with this recently and which I find an  extremely easy garnish in today’s busy world but you can get creative and use fruits , white chocolate etc)



For the base mix together all the dry ingredients that is flour, cocoa powder, baking powder ,baking soda and sugar in a bowl.

And separately in a bowl mix together butter milk, oil and eggs.
Now mix together the dry ingredients with 
the wet ingredients that is the flour mixture with the butter milk mixture except for water.  

Separately boil the water.

Lastly add boiling water the mixture that you get will be a little runny but don’t panic this how it should be.

Prepare a oven tray by lining it with butter paper keep two cake rings on it . Apply  some oil on it.


This cake base is very delicate and will break easily so I prefer using two 8inches cake rings to and dividing the mixture in to two for baking that ways this is easy to handle.

Bake it in the oven for 15 mins at 160 degrees.  Let the cake cool down completely.
Tip:  Its best to bake this cake a day in advance.

Now for the icing in sauce pan pour the milk and chocolate together and heat over slow fire till all the chocolate is melted.  

You will get a thick gooey mixture add the butter and mix it thoroughly with a spatula let the mixture cool down at room temp it takes about hour or two to set 


Now keep one cake base on a plate or a cake board.  With the help of a palette knife spread the chocolate icing on the cake. Sandwich the second base on top and cover that with the chocolate icing completely.

I have used Cadbury’s chocolate balls as a garnish because that’s just convenient.

With the left over icing have piped some design on the cake.  The Cake tastes best when served warm