Friday, 23 May 2014

Home Made Vanilla Extract

The fragrance of vanilla generally connects with pleasant childhood memories.  Vanilla is the basic of all flavour it not only has such a wonderful flavour of its own it also has a tendency to  enhance other   flavours in   product no wonder it such a huge favourite of mine .  It has a very calming effect on hence this flavour is dominant not only in my cakes but also in my beauty products.

You will see 90% of my recipes have a mention of vanilla extract.  Off course you can always buy the cheap synthetic vanilla essence which you can easily find everywhere but that vanilla flavour is a ssynthetic as its content it is basically a by-product of paper industry it also has a tendency to leave a bitter after taste.

Making vanilla extract is super easy and takes almost no effort at all. Vanilla beans are easily found in supermarkets.  Though it’s advisable to use good quality organic vanilla beans.  I have got these beans from my trip to Pondicherry, South India produces quiet good quality vanilla bean but If you can lay your hand on Tahitian  or Madagascar Vanilla bean then nothing like it.  As they are the best quality found but also they tend to be a little on a expensive side but believe me it totally worth it.

I found some good quality beans at a organic store in Pondicherry.   You just require two ingredients Vanilla beans and clear alcohol.  Vodka would be the best option as it’s a flavourless alcohol.  Now don't you worry about the alcohol content.  Once the spirit gets in contact with heat that is during baking all the alcohol gets evaporated and you are only left with the flavour.


500 ml Vodka

12 Vanilla beans

Split the bean n half and scrape out the tiny seeds inside.

In a glass bottle add the ingredients together

Now just store this bottle in a cool dark place for 48 days

Initially you see the liquid is clear but as and when the vanilla flavour is seeped inside it turns in to amber colour.

After 48 days just strain the liquid in a cheese cloth and, voila! vanilla extract is ready.