Friday 27 June 2014

Eggless double chocolate chip muffins

I must confess I have never been a big fan of eggless baking, and if have to choose  among  egg based cakes and eggless cakes .  The hands down winner would always be Egg based cake but after this recipe I am forced to change my prejudice against eggless bakes .  If not better this recipe is definitely in par with my egg based muffins

As the name suggest my double chocolate chip  muffin as double dose of chocolate in the form of cocoa and chocolate chips which makes it sinfully chocolaty , soft and light with  just the right amount of sweetness and the best thing is this recipe is not just an egg free version but also its so easy even a child can make these yummylicious muffins


100gms melted butter or any unflavoured oil

400gms condensed milk

225 gms Refined  flour/ maida

2tsp baking powder

1tsp baking soda

45gms good quality cocoa powder

1tsp coffee powder

250 ml coke/pepsi/ thumps up

150 gms roughly  chopped dark chocolate/ milk chocolate

Instead of going for the store brought chocolate chips I prefer chopping a
regular chocolate bar because I like bigger chunks of chocolate chips as opposed to tiny chocolate chips we get in the market.  I know now coated with four it resembles an ugly pile of rocks but you will have to trust me on this chopping bigger chunks out of chocolate block will be the key to the best result for this recipe.

Tip: I have  Coated  the chocolate chips with the flour so the chocolate chips don’t sink in the bottom of the muffin



Mix all the dry ingredients together

Mix together condensed milk and butter/ oil


Add the condensed milk mixture and
dry ingredients. and evenly mix the batter.

Next add the cola to it.

Lastly fold in the chocolate chips keep a few aside

Divide the batter in a muffin mould you can add reserved chocolate chips to garnish the muffins.

Bake in a preheated over for 20 mins .


You may serve this hot or cold.

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